Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin

There is a definite buzz about the new Vice Presidential nominee for the Republican Party – Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. I had first heard of her some months ago through my “insider” Republican contacts. After looking at her record and her political principles, I have become more and more impressed. She is real. As Trish says, she seems to be like one of us: a hard-working parent who loves her country and wants to make life better for her kids and her neighbors. I have never been this energized by a VP pick – ever! It is an amazing political turn of events that I had not anticipated this year. Now I will definitely vote for the McCain-Palin ticket without hesitation. But is she ready to be President if McCain dies? Absolutely yes! She has the character, the principled convictions, the intelligence, and the work ethic to be successful. Furthermore, I believe that a short-term governor (Palin has been governor for about two years) is a better fit for the office than a short-term senator (Obama has been in the Senate for about four years) who only has 140 working days to his credit in that body. For those who believe that you need more “experience” I respond that I would rather have someone with true character and a principled outlook than somebody who has been part of the Washington problem for over 30 years (like Biden).