Thursday, May 28, 2009

Elvin Loy Riggs

E. L. "Al" Riggs just underwent heart surgery last Thursday the 21st at St. Mark's Hospital in Salt Lake. He had a valve replaced and two bypasses. He had serious trepidations about undergoing the surgery, mainly because he really didn't feel all that bad. I mean, what's a little shortness of breath between friends! But doctors said that because of his excellent overall health he was a good candidate for this kind of surgery, even at 85 years of age!

Since the surgery he has been on constant pain medication, making his speech slurred and his mind a bit slower than usual. He mentioned more than once that had he known how bad his pain would be from the incision he wouldn't have gone under the knife. I called him on it, though, and he admitted that he was not serious.

He went home today and is expected to fully recover. But the recovery will be long and hard. Kim Hess is here this week to lend a helping hand while Dawn Carson will provide ongoing family support along with the rest of us who live here in Utah.

God bless, and best wishes for a speedy recovery, Dad!

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Cam said...

>Kim Hess is here this week to lend a helping hand...<
Since Zach is the one who helped get Al up the stairs when he returned home, we'd better mention that he's also in town helping this week til both he and Kim return home on Saturday.